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Christmas market in Ribe

December is a very special month in Ribe, where all the streets are decorated for Christmas. The perfect place to get into the Christmas shopping spirit. Take a stroll through the cosy streets of the old town, which are decked out with Christmas lights and decorations, and settle down in one of the cafés where you can warm up with a cup of coffee or cocoa. Ribe in December is an ideal place to spend a mini break or a long weekend and get a lot of Christmas shopping done.

Visit the Christmas market in Ribe, which is all about "Peter's Christmas". The classic tale of Peter's Christmas is Mathilde Cold F. Kjær's childhood story of her own Christmas in Ribe. Her childhood home, Porsborg, has now been converted into Ribe Tourist Office.

In Ribe, the Christmas market is built around Peter's Christmas, and in the town's cobbled streets, from November until Christmas, it is possible to walk around and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the fairytale Christmas market that forms the framework for Christmas traditions in the oldest market town in Scandinavia.

With a history that can be traced back to around 700, when the first trading post was built, there is plenty of history in the city. Many of the well-preserved buildings and houses are now listed, and together with Denmark's oldest town hall form a historic setting. The town hall dates back to 1496, and has served as the town hall since 1709.

The Christmas market in town consists of a number of stalls where it is possible to buy everything from Christmas confectionery, to traditional pretzels and gingerbread, as well as all sorts of alternative homemade Christmas gifts.

Christmas at Quedens Gaard in Ribe

Experience Christmas at the Old Merchant's Farm, which will be filled with old-fashioned Christmas spirit. A tour of the farm is an experience for all the senses, where the scents of all kinds of Christmas delights spread, while it will be possible to taste confectionery, pretzels and roasted almonds. If this is not enough Christmas spirit, it is also possible to see traditional old-fashioned crafts, braided Christmas hearts and other Christmas traditions.

Christmas market in Braunschweig

Opening day, 29th November: 5:45 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., market operations from 6:00 p.m. onwards

Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Sundays and public holidays: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
29th December: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Market closed on 24th and 25th December

Please note that dates and opening hours may vary. You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information.

Braunschweig is one of the many German cities that have become popular to visit in the run-up to Christmas. The beautiful city is transformed into a wonderful Christmas mecca of twinkling lights, decorations and lovely smells from the very first day when the Christmas market kicks off.

Every year, the squares around the city's beautiful cathedral, Braunschweiger Dom, are transformed into a charming Christmas market with elegant light decorations and a wonderful atmosphere. With the surrounding historic buildings as a backdrop, more than 150 stalls open up with crafts, Christmas decorations, toys, clothing and much more. The culinary delicacies, both regional and international, are always popular with visitors from near and far. With its more than 500-year tradition, the Christmas market in Braunschweig is among the most attractive and atmospheric in Germany, attracting thousands of people every year. The Christmas market often coincides with the city's annual Culture Week. Culture Week includes a large programme packed with events, entertainment and happenings. Choir, theatre, music and culture, storytelling, puppet theatre and Christmas workshop are just some of the offerings you can enjoy this week.

A great experience awaits at the city's historic moat, where a sophisticated lighting system magically indicates where the Oker River had its original course. This in the form of colourful glass, which in combination with calm musical tones, is incredibly beautiful to experience. Around the historic moat are several stalls where you can find everything from handicrafts to Glühwein.

You should also definitely take a walk up to the 61-metre high Town Hall Tower, from where you have an absolutely stunning view of the beautiful city and the entire market area below.

Braunschweig is a great place to visit at Christmas time and with Risskov you are sure to find a great deal on a hotel stay in or near the city.

Christmas market in Flensburg

Open dates

27 November to 31 December: Holm, Große Straße, Schiffbrückstraße, Nordermarkt

27 November to 23 December: Südermarkt

Mon. - Sat.: 11:00 - 22:00 hrs

Sun.: 11:00 - 20:00 hrs.

24.12. + 31.12. until 14:00 hrs.

25.12. + 26.12. closed

Please note that dates and opening hours may vary. You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information.

Along with Lübeck and Kiel, Flensburg is one of the Danes' favourite Christmas destinations in northern Germany. The maritime atmosphere and the Scandinavian touch make you feel at home and at ease. Let the smell of roasted almonds and tasty mulled wine lead you through the streets, between the stalls and lead the Christmas spirit directly into your heart.

The Christmas market's many stalls are lit by the cosy lights that stretch from Südermarkt through the pedestrian zone and all the way down to Nordermarkt. One of the highlights of the Flensburg Christmas Market is the "World's Smallest Bar Counter", where the traditional and famous Tallin Punch is served in many different varieties.

From the approximately 60 stalls of the Christmas market, the beautifully decorated stalls entice with a large selection of handicrafts, specialities and Christmas goods in a wonderful combination of German and Danish traditions. If this isn't enough to bring out the Christmas spirit, the Christmas music in the street and Flensburg's large, traditional German Christmas pyramid will certainly do wonders.

If you're looking for culinary experiences, Flensburg is packed with great options. The beer breweries on the harbour and cafés and restaurants galore ensure you can take a much-needed break from Christmas shopping, with a great selection of local specialities and delicious Christmas treats.

For shoppers, Flensburg city centre offers a wide range of shops where you can find everything from clothes to speciality shops at German prices, often with great savings. In addition, a trip to Flensburg is also an excellent opportunity for cross-border shopping, where you can buy in this year's Christmas confectionery.

Spend Christmas holidays in Northern Germany with a cheap hotel stay in Flensburg and experience the magical Christmas market in the city. The location is ideal for a self-drive holiday and Risskov has a great selection of good hotels in and around Flensburg. When you book with us, we also give a free bottle of red wine to all adults on the booking, which you can pick up at Fleggaard.

Christmas market in Kiel

Open from 27th November - 23rd December - Please note that dates and opening hours may vary. You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information.

Kiel's annual Christmas markets are inspired by the city's surroundings and history as a maritime coastal town, and are extremely popular with Danish Christmas tourists. The short distance and the city's immense charm and beauty make Kiel an obvious choice for a convenient self-drive holiday with a mini break or a weekend break during Christmas. The city hosts four different Christmas markets, which light up the squares and streets with lots of stalls, music, fun and delicious Christmas treats.

A Christmas tree forest of 3,000m² with some 500 trees is erected on the large town hall square, which, together with the many colourful huts, creates a fairytale Christmas village. Here you will find crafts, delicacies, mulled wine and food huts and much more. Taste this year's exclusive mulled wine, created by the Anselmann winery from the Palatinate wine region in collaboration with the organisers. This mulled wine is based on one exquisite grape variety and can't be found anywhere else - not even at the other markets in town!

At Holstensplatz, the many stalls create an intimate atmosphere where you can buy woollen clothes, amber jewellery and local culinary delights. This Christmas market has existed since 1973 and in 2018 presented a completely new design with new stalls and a new and creative lighting concept.

You can also visit the Altenmarkt Christmas Market in the Old Town around St. Nikolai Church, which has its own Alpine-inspired Christmas atmosphere and traditional punch and food stalls.

Between the markets on the Town Hall Square and Holstenplatz, you'll find the beautiful market on Asmus-Bremer-Platz. Here, the 12.5-metre high, 4-storey Christmas pyramid adorns the square. The inspiration comes from the Erzgebirge and together with the sweet angels, the baby Jesus and the holy three kings, it helps to set the atmosphere of the cosy square.

From mid-November, the annual Kiel Ice Festival is also held, where ice skating and fun can be had in style.

Risskov has a large selection of hotels and accommodation in Kiel and the surrounding area, so you can find just what suits you. Go on a cheap car holiday in Northern Germany this Christmas and experience Kiel's many magical Christmas markets.

Christmas market in Lübeck

Open from 27th November - 30th December - You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information

Go on a car holiday to Lübeck this Christmas and experience the historic Hanseatic city at its most beautiful. A sensory experience like no other awaits as the chill of winter dew descends on the rooftops and the warm hues of countless different light sources lead the way up the beautiful narrow streets of the North German fairytale city.

Every year, from November onwards, the streets are filled with thousands of visitors from all over Europe - not least us Danes, who have a special place in our hearts for Lübeck. It takes just over a couple of hours to reach the city from the Danish-German border. Perfect location for a self-drive holiday where you really get into the Christmas spirit!

The medieval town, with its many historic buildings and UNESCO-listed old town centre, provides the perfect backdrop for a genuine German Christmas market of the very highest standard. If you're really lucky to be in town after a fresh layer of snow, the whole splendid backdrop will be given an extra boost, with the snow-covered streets and rooftops giving the feeling that you're walking around one big Christmas landscape, as if the city was never created or used for anything else.

The Christmas market in Lübeck is extremely traditional and includes numerous stalls, entertainment and activities, Glühwein huts, almond men, marzipan tents and much more. And while you're in Lübeck, it's only natural to sample the city's famous marzipan. That's why you should definitely visit the cosy Café Niederegger, located right next to the beautiful pedestrian street.

Officially, there are seven Christmas markets in Lübeck, each with its own unique charm. But in fact, you could say that the city transforms into one big enchanting Christmas market, branching out across large parts of the city. The biggest of these, however, has to be the historic Christmas market near the town hall and the beautiful Marienkirche. Here you are in the heart of the old city centre, surrounded by countless buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. Christmas markets were already held here around 350 years ago. But it wasn't quite so idyllic then - you had to hoard food to last the winter.

The large network of Christmas markets is extremely diverse and stretches from the city centre and out towards the Trave River in several directions. Take a pleasant stroll around the beautiful maritime surroundings and visit one of the various arts and crafts markets, such as the beautiful crafts market at St. Peter's Church, stop by the family market on the banks of the Trave River or take a stroll to the beautiful illuminated ice rink located just outside Holstentor. Also visit the exciting arts and crafts market in Heiligen Geist Hospital, where many different artists from near and far showcase some of their beautiful works - be it ceramics, woodwork or textiles.

Risskov offers a large and varied selection of accommodation and hotels in - and near - the enchanting Hanseatic city of Lübeck. Book your Christmas holiday, mini break or weekend break and enjoy the fantastic Christmas atmosphere in one of Germany's most enchanting cities.

Christmas market in Hamburg

Open from November 21st until December 23rd 2023, Sunday to Thursday – 11am to 9pm, Friday and Saturday – 11am to 10pm - Please note that dates and opening hours may vary. You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information.

Experience the real German Christmas joy and atmosphere in historic Hamburg! Located just two hours south of the Danish border, the city is an ideal destination for a Christmas holiday or a weekend break with city experiences during the Christmas season.

You will soon discover that when the Germans hold a Christmas market, everything is set. Not in that American, slightly exaggerated way, but in a charming way so that the opulence mysteriously always manages to appear understated. At the same time, you are in no doubt what time of year it is. The word "hygge" may be a Danish word - but the meaning is certainly understood south of the border.

Hamburg is a stunningly beautiful, historic city situated on the River Elbe, and you can imagine the magical scenes as darkness falls and Christmas lights are switched on throughout the inner city. The city's largest Christmas market is located in the huge square, right in front of the historic town hall building, in the charming Altstadt quarter. A huge model railway winds its way between the stalls, where you'll find everything from hatters, glassblowers, sugar bakers and toy makers, to more traditional treats like glühwein, cheese, sausages and roasted almonds. The market was first built in 2003 and since then it has only grown bigger and bigger. A short distance away, along Mönckebergstrasse, is another cosy Christmas market with more than 150 stalls, where the Christmas spirit fills the cityscape almost all the way up to the main railway station.

In the southern half of the inner city, Speicherstadt and HafenCity are home to countless outlets of the Elbe, which flow through and divide the streets, with lots of charming little bridges. Here you'll find a Christmas market in a very special maritime atmosphere, with beautiful dancing reflections in the water from the thousands of festive light bulbs and candlelight from torches and candles. In this district you will also find the cosy Nordic Christmas bazaar "God Jul - Nordische Weihnachten am Hafen", which is open for two weekends in November every year. Here you'll find lots of traditional delicacies and specialities, as well as decorations and art from all the Nordic countries.

If you're not squeamish, you can also visit the very special, erotic Santa Pauli Christmas Market, located on the 930-metre-long Reeperbahn street, which is known for its nightlife and more frivolous 'entertainment' offerings. The Santa Pauli Christmas Market has a reputation for being among some of the world's most unusual Christmas markets, and for that reason alone may be worth a look. Please note that children are of course not admitted to this Christmas market.

Christmas market in Rostock

Open 27th November . 22rd December - Mon - Thur 11.00 - 20.00, Fri - Sat 11.00 - 21.30, Sun 11.30 - 20.00 - You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information

Northern Germany's biggest Christmas market is in Rostock, where 300 stalls are set up each year on the Neuer Markt in the heart of the city's historic centre. Stretching from Neuer Markt to Kröpeliner Tor and the city's harbour, the market is packed with live music and activities for children and adults. Each year Santa arrives by sleigh, ship or bus, and on weekends fairytales are performed on a stage in the middle of the market, while adults can enjoy archery and axe-throwing. The Christmas market is divided up so that the main square at Neuer Markt is filled with entertainment, singing, activities, carnival and rides, while stalls are located along the city's cosy network of pedestrian streets all the way down to the harbour.

Browse the many stalls offering delicious traditional Christmas treats, with roasted almonds, mulled wine and lots of local specialities. Local delights include smoked sausage, fish and Schmalzkuchen. The market is one of the most traditional and magical Christmas markets in all of Northern Europe and is particularly popular with Scandinavian visitors.

It's easy and convenient to combine your Christmas market visit with more traditional shopping in the beautiful Hanseatic city. The stalls are set up close to the city's pedestrian streets with plenty of shops, restaurants and cafés where you can find lots of great food and Christmas shopping opportunities. You also have easy access to Rostock's many exciting sights to visit while you're in town. For example, visit the landmark, the beautiful St Peter's Church with its 117-metre spire, or Northern Europe's oldest university dating back to 1419.

Take the whole family on a cheap car holiday to Rostock this Christmas and enjoy one of Risskov's many offers. With many different hotels both in and on the outskirts of Rostock, you have every opportunity to find the perfect stay for your wishes and needs.

Christmas market in Berlin

Gendarmenmarkt: November 27 - December 31, 2023
Berlin City Hall: November 27 - December 30, 2023

Gendarmenmarkt opening hours.
Sunday to Thursday from 12 noon to 10 pm,
Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 11 pm,
 Christmas Eve from 12 noon to 6 pm,
New Year's Eve from 12 noon to 1 am.
- Please note that dates and opening hours may vary. You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information.

Go on a city break in Berlin and enjoy a stay in the cultural city with sightseeing, shopping and lots of lovely Christmas atmosphere. As Christmas approaches in Berlin, countless Christmas markets spring up all over the city, transforming the beautiful capital into a true Christmas paradise for people of all ages.

The Christmas market in front of the Red Town Hall is hard to miss, with its huge 50-metre high Ferris wheel, beautifully decorated with colourful lights. Here visitors can delve into Berlin's history and experience an old-fashioned urban environment as it looked in Berlin around 100 years ago. Particular emphasis is placed on the old virtues and traditional crafts and art forms. As well as countless stalls and food tents, you'll find a long list of entertainment on offer in the form of rides and the impressive 600m² floodlit ice rink. You might also be lucky enough to spot Santa Claus, who passes by three times a day on his sleigh for photos and hugs.

Not far from the Red Town Hall on Alexanderplatz you will find another Christmas market. Here you'll find Europe's largest 'walk-in' Christmas pyramid, decorated with more than 5,000 lights and offering a lovely view from the top. The market is one of the most visited in town, offering plenty of exciting entertainment and cosy stalls where you can enjoy everything from gingerbread to bratwurst.

Another of the city's most popular Christmas markets is the centrally located Gendarmenmarkt, which lies between the Deutscher Dom and the French cathedral. Here, visitors can see a wide range of exciting crafts every year and watch some of the talented artisans at work. Of course, you'll also find plenty of delicious Christmas food and general stalls selling all sorts of Christmas goodies.

More than 250 stalls are set up in front of the beautiful Schloss Charlottenburg, which, combined with lots of Christmas decorations, food and Glühwein tents and nostalgic rides for the kids, form the backdrop to the cosy Charlottenburg Weinachtsmarkt. The castle itself will be decorated and lit up with lots of Christmas lights in festive colours and the whole area around is transformed into a Christmas land with a big Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds and slides where the kids can have fun while the adults ooze around between the stalls.

Berlin's biggest Christmas market is just outside the city centre, in the beautiful Alstadt Spandau district. Around the beautiful St. Nikolai Kirche, craftsmen of all kinds have set up stalls and the market has a very special atmosphere with its big Christmas tree and the many smells, sounds and music that fill the air here.

These Christmas markets are just a small part of all the exciting and cosy Christmas markets that can be found around Berlin. A small selection - but others worth visiting are the beautiful "Winter World" Christmas market at Potsdamer Platz and the Christmas markets at the Palace Square in Köpenick and at the Opernpalais in Berlin Mitte.

Get into the Christmas spirit with Risskov and book one of our many hotels in Berlin and the surrounding area, and stay close to all the great Christmas experiences in the historic capital.

Christmas market in Hildesheim

Open from Monday, November 27 to Thursday, December 28, daily from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Individual gastronomic stands are open from 11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. The market will be closed on December 24th and 25th. On Tuesday, December 26, the Christmas market can be visited from 2 p.m. - Please note that dates and opening hours may vary. You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information.

The old town of Hildesheim has proud Christmas market traditions. Amidst old half-timbered houses and UNESCO World Heritage-listed churches, Hildesheim has plenty of Christmas spirit.

The Christmas market offers amusements, Christmas shopping for the gold medal and the finest German delicacies."

From the last week of November until Christmas Eve, the Hildesheim Christmas Market is held. The old town has roots stretching back more than 1000 years, and it is this very part of town that provides the setting for the town's Christmas market. It is decorated with Christmas decorations and lights, and throughout the Christmas month there are concerts and Christmas events for young and old.

In front of the Knochenhaueramtshaus, one of the world's most beautiful half-timbered houses, you will find numerous stalls with handicrafts, Christmas treats and mulled wine. The St Michaelis Church and the Mariendom Cathedral, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are also located next to the Christmas market.

With its location just south of Hanover, Hildesheim is centrally located in Germany and can therefore also be experienced in combination with other stays in Germany, such as the Harz Mountains or Hanover.

Christmas market in Göttingen

Open from end November until end December 2023 - Mon-Sat 10am-8:30pm, Sun 11am-8:30pm, Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day - Please note that dates and opening hours may vary. You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information.

Christmas lights and atmosphere in a medieval town full of fairy tales. The Christmas market in Göttingen takes place in the market square by the town's old town hall, where in addition to the town's landmark - the Gänseliesel - and St. Johannis Church, you'll find charming stalls with the finest handicrafts and Christmas treats.

The Christmas Market in Göttingen invites you to enjoy fun and entertainment for young and old, with a carousel, Ferris wheel and Christmas events throughout December.

Göttingen is an old medieval and university town that holds a traditional German Christmas market every year, full of cosiness and fairytale atmosphere. From the old town square, the market spreads out with stalls in all traditional crafts such as pottery, woodcarving and jewellery making. It is thus the perfect destination for unique Christmas shopping. In many places you can also see skilled craftsmen at work.

The stalls also sell lots of Christmas treats, from roast chestnuts and French pancakes to cheeses from the Alps. There are also great rides for the little ones, including a merry-go-round and a Ferris wheel.

Göttingen is centrally located in Germany and can be experienced in continuation of our many stays in central Germany as well as southern Harz.

Christmas market in Copenhagen

Dates and hours: -. November 3rd - December 21st - Monday - Wednesday: 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. -. Thursday - Saturday: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. -. Sunday: 12.00 - 19.00 - Please note that the dates and times can vary. You can visit the Christmas market's own website with current information.

Copenhagen is one of those cities where you never know what time of year it is: In spring, love is in the air and people from all walks of life slowly spread out in the city's gardens and parks. In summer, there's singing and smiling in the streets, big ice cream cones, beach life on Amager and a party atmosphere in Nyhavn. And in autumn, the smell of wet asphalt and the city's greenery are replaced by beautiful shades of red, brown and orange. And it's safe to say that Christmas is certainly no exception. As Christmas approaches, Copenhagen transforms into a magical cityscape of twinkling lights, grand decorations, garlands and hearts. Tivoli puts on the long lights, the D'angleterre building gets dressed up for Christmas and Kronprinsensgade is adorned with its beautiful ceiling of fairy lights. The unmistakable smell of Christmas sweets and the sound of choral singing and festive music waft through the air. You can experience all this with a wonderful Christmas holiday at one of our many hotels in Copenhagen.

Christmas in Copenhagen officially kicks off on the first Sunday of Advent when, after the big Christmas parade has made its way through the city, Santa Claus lights the big Christmas tree on Rådhuspladsen. Most of the city's Christmas markets, however, get a head start on the festivities and usually open around mid-November.

One of the city's most popular Christmas markets is of course Tivoli's classic Christmas market. In addition to the stunning lightscapes in the garden, you will find more than 50 different stalls with everything between heaven and earth. However, it should be mentioned that it costs 200 DKK to visit the Tivoli exhibition and market.

The large and traditional Christmas market on Højbro Square, also known as "Deutsch's Julemarked", is free to experience. The market is set up by Michael Deutsch, in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen, and more than 280,000 Christmas lights provide the backdrop for the many stalls.

In Nyhavn, too, Christmas is on the agenda, complete with a fantastic seaside Christmas atmosphere with lights, open fires, mulled wine and apple slices and everything else that goes with it. You might even be lucky enough to see Carlsberg's old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage trundling past.

If the streets get a little too crowded and alarmed, you can regain your calm and cool with a trip up the Round Tower. Here you can get a fantastic view of the city's glittering lights and enjoy the Christmas spirit from a distance.

Another of the city's cosy Christmas markets is the charming and relatively new H.C. Andersen Christmas Market, located on Strøget in the heart of Copenhagen. Here you can meet Santa Claus, wild Vikings and H.C. himself. Andersen, warm your hands on a cup of nice hot mulled wine and eat traditional German charcoal-grilled sausages.

Risskov has a wide range of hotels and accommodation in Copenhagen, so you can combine a city break with the capital's many Christmas markets and attractions. Enjoy a mini break or a weekend stay with lots of wonderful Christmas experiences and stay close to the markets.

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