Travel regulations

General terms and conditions 


The admin fee is EUR 12 for online bookings and EUR 18 for phone bookings. A postage fee of EUR 6 is applied when postal delivery of travel documents is chosen. Any discount code must be provided when booking. By booking you accept our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.   

Special requests 

Special requests for bookings (e.g. allergies, vegetarian menu, walking difficulties, view, etc.) will be passed on to the hotel and accommodated to the extent possible. 
However, Risskov cannot guarantee or be held responsible for failure to fulfil special requests, whether these have been advised to Risskov or directly to the hotel. 

Invoicing and customer obligations 

The invoice is included in the travel documents sent to you once the hotel has confirmed your booking. The invoice specifies all services purchased and confirmed by the hotel, including duration, number of participants, number and type of rooms, and meals. Other services must be paid directly to the hotel, e.g., environmental tax, tourist tax and parking fees. In case compulsory environmental or tourist taxes are applicable at the hotel an estimated amount is noted on the invoice. 

Several hotels ask for a deposit or credit card details as a cover for additional purchases made during your stay. Some services and their price may be indicated on the invoice from Risskov, but are payable directly at the hotel.  

Customer obligations: Please check that all the information is correct before paying for the booking and pay attention to the payment date. By paying, you accept all conditions applicable to the booking, as well as general terms and conditions, our privacy policy, the hotel description and notes on our website.  

Hotel Voucher 

The Hotel Voucher is included in the travel documents sent to you when the booking is confirmed. This Voucher must be printed and handed in at reception upon arrival. Without the Voucher, the hotel may refuse check-in. The Voucher shows the address of the hotel, the telephone number and the content of the stay.  

Children's discounts 

Children's discounts only apply after two full paying travellers in a double room. The age of a child on the arrival date must be entered. If the age of a child is entered incorrectly, the hotel has the right to charge any price difference.  

Travel Cancellation Protection 

We recommend that you purchase our travel cancellation protection, which entitles you to a refund of the travel cost (excluding fees and travel cancellation protection cost). The travel cancellation protection covers cancellation in the event of sudden illness, death (including death of immediate family members) or incidents such as burglary or fire at the traveller's home. The travel cancellation protection covers until the departure from home and can only be used once. Cancellations must be made immediately to Risskov and appropriate documentation (e.g. medical certificate, police report, etc.) must be provided in all cases along with the booking number and account details for a refund. Any costs incurred in obtaining documentation will be at your own expense.  

The price of a travel cancellation protection is 6% of the travel cost and must be added prior to payment of the booking. 

In the event of the death or sudden illness of a traveller, family and up to 4 other travellers on the booking may cancel their stay.  


A booking is binding when the invoice from Risskov is received. The payment deadline is stated on the invoice. Payment must be made online on our website with Visa or Mastercard. A receipt will be emailed once the payment has been registered. For bookings exceeding EUR 1,000, a payment plan is offered with a deposit of 20% 5 working days after receipt of invoice and the remaining balance no later than 45 days before arrival.  

Arrival and departure 

Check-in and check-out times are stated on the hotel voucher along with address and contact information of the hotel. If arrival later than 18:00 is expected we recommend contacting the hotel prior to arrival to make suitable arrangements. 

Changes and Cancellations 

All changes, such as dates, duration, selected rooms, name etc. or cancellations of bookings are subject to approval from the hotel and Risskov and a fee will be applied. The fee applied depends on the number of days until arrival according to the fee table below.    

Fee tier

Days until arrival*

Change fee, however a minimum of EUR 20

Cancellation fee, however a minimum of EUR 20

Tier 1

30+ days

10% of the difference amount

10% of the travel cost

Tier 2

14 – 29 days

30% of the difference amount

30% of the travel cost

Tier 3

8 – 13 days

40% of the difference amount

40% of the travel cost

Tier 4

0 – 7 days

Change not possible

100% of the travel cost

* For some hotels the fee tiers listed in the table may vary from the standard conditions given here. In such cases the tiers are specified on the invoice and will overrule the tiers listed here. 

Difference amount = total old travel cost minus total new travel cost. 

The travel cost is defined as the invoice amount minus all fees (admin fee, change fees, postage fee, travel cancellation protection cost).  
If a booking is cancelled, the total new travel cost is calculated as EUR 0. 

All fees and the travel cancellation protection costs are non-refundable. 

When changing a booking all existing fees are transferred to the new booking and an additional change fee is applied. 

No-show on the first day of a stay is considered a cancellation. 
Travel cancellation protection and discount codes cannot be added after payment.  

Responsibility of the organiser 

Risskov is not liable for shortcomings, changes and/or cancellations due to force majeure or force majeure-like incidents, i.e. incidents which Risskov at the time of booking did not have the opportunity to anticipate, mitigate or avert. Risskov takes no responsibility for cancellations, changes or delays caused by breach of agreement, hotel errors, technical problems, problems with the car or other transport, weather conditions, epidemics, etc., over which we have no influence. Changes requested due to these circumstances are subject to above change terms. Risskov and the hotel assume no liability for the guest during the stay, nor is there any insurance cover for the guest or his/her belongings. You are obliged to follow the hotel's rules. If the hotel rules are broken, Risskov is not liable for any costs you may incur as a result. Risskov does not guarantee internet access in the hotels, which is usually only available in and around the lobby area.  

Price changes 

Risskov reserves the right to change the prices on our website from day to day, for example as a result of unforeseen changes in exchange rates, VAT, taxes and environmental charges. Prices in advertisements and on our website are not guaranteed.  


Risskov reserves the right to correct any errors or inaccuracies on our website, in advertisements and newsletters, as well as in individual offers.  

Travel cover 

Risskov recommends to buy a travel insurance that covers illness, repatriation and luggage during your trip. We accept no responsibility for lack of insurance cover.  

Bring your blue EU health insurance card to access state-provided healthcare when needed during a visit to an EU / EEA country.  


Always take your passport with you when you travel. When travelling by car you must bring your car's original registration certificate and insurance, warning stripe and yellow safety vest. In many European countries there are also legal requirements for certain items in the car. It is recommended that you check the rules for the countries to which you are travelling. In some countries, road tax is paid in the form of a sticker/vignette affixed to the windscreen of the car or by cash payment enroute. This is usually purchased at the border. Several European countries have environmental zones in cities and therefore require an eco-label in the car. Information about parking fees can be found in the hotel description at Please note that Risskov only sells stays. Means of transport are the customer's own choice and responsibility.  

Unused services 

Not refundable.  


In case of any discrepancies during your stay, you must always contact the hotel immediately so that they can rectify any shortcomings on site. If it is still not satisfactory, contact Risskov immediately. We will strive to help you while you are still on your stay. If you wait to contact us until after your stay, we will unfortunately not be able to resolve the issue and you will not be entitled to compensation. Other complaints must be received by Risskov ([email protected]) within 2 weeks of your return, with a description of the incident and, if possible, attachment of photo documentation. We will then liaise with the hotel and process the complaint. After this you will receive our decision.  

Gift cards and vouchers 

Gift cards are valid for 36 months from the date of issue and can only be used for the purchase of stays on They cannot be exchanged for cash or used for purchases at hotels. Unused purchased gift cards are refundable within 14 days of receipt.  

Vouchers must be used individually and cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers or gift cards. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue unless otherwise stated on the voucher.  

Privacy Policy 

Risskov collects data in the form of cookies and personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Data is collected for various purposes, including reservation and delivery of purchases, customer records, billing, debt collection, marketing, statistics, etc. A detailed explanation of Risskov’s Privacy Policy can be found on By booking stays and other services, you accept Risskov’s Privacy Policy. 

Applicable law and jurisdiction 

Any action against Risskov Autoferien AG shall be governed by Swiss law and shall be brought before a Swiss court or arbitration. The place of jurisdiction is the Court of Cham, Canton of Zug, Switzerland. 
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· Admin fee for online orders EUR 12
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